On January 1st, 2012, one of our team members, Barb Bires from the Mauston Interstate BP, participated in the 15th annual Turtle Dunk.  This event was sponsored by the Dirty Turtle in New Lisbon, WI.   It is a family funded event.  The Dirty Turtle also held a Silent Auction, a Live Auction and Bingo.  The money that is raised at the Turtle Dunk and corresponding activities goes to the Juneau County Relay for Life chapter of  the American Cancer Society for research.

All the jumpers do this to honor and pay tribute to family members and / or friends who have or had cancer.  Barb had to jump into the water in 18 degree weather with wind gusts of 30-40 mph.  Family and friends were there to support her through this jump.  Scully Oil sponsored Barb, along with many other friends who all signed her t-shirt for support.  Thanks Barb for having the courage to weather the cold for a worthy cause!