Scully Oil Facilitates Donation to the Friends and Family Cancer Foundation
Mary Ellen Saniter, Kristi Whaley, Evan Schuh, Jan Miller, Michelle Carroll and Jeff Scully

Scully Oil Company, a BP Branded Marketer servicing BP stations throughout Juneau, Sauk and Columbia Counties, presented a BP Fueling Communities grant donation of $3,250 to the Family and Friends Cancer Foundation. The BP Fueling Communities program provides grants to local organizations that are nominated by BP’s Branded Marketers to support the communities in which they do business.  Fueling Communities gives back to local organizations that support health, education, youth, food and housing to spread charity and goodwill.

The Friends and Family Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps those diagnosed with cancer offset some of the cost associated with the treatment of this dreaded disease in the tri-county area.  In the past nine years the organization has distributed over $120,000.00 to the Juneau, Adams and Sauk counties.  The Cancer Foundation President Mrs. Jan Miller is looking forward to celebrating their 10 year anniversary next July.

If you would like to learn more about this organization please call (608) 415-3848 and speak with Ms. Kristi Whaley the Secretary, who can help you through the application process.